About Tapasya Academy

Tapasya Academy of Performing Arts is founded In 2008 by –

Registered under the Society’s Registration Act, 1860, Tapasya Academy of Performing Arts is into imparting Indian classical dance, especially Bharatnatyam, to those interested. Started as Manasvi Nrityalaya, the foundation stone of Tapasya Academy was laid way back in 1998 by the well-known danseuse, Manasi S Nair.

To emerge as the finest institution promoting Indian classical dances in traditional guru-sishya parampara amongst all sections of the society by which the overall growth of the students is taken care of.

To start a large scale dance institution imparting dance training to all.

Tapasya Academy is not only to create a good dancers but also to create awareness about the great Indian culture and values of the Indian society which is missing these days in the regular curriculum. Tapasya Academy ensures that the students grow to excel in whatever vocation they undertake.

Tapasya Academy gives you an opportunity to learn bharatnatyam, the great and dynamic form of art, under the guidance of Guru Smt Manasi S Nair. It imparts training to the all interested students, giving equal importance and chances to showcase their talents. An example to this is Tapasya Academy’s dance ballet DASHAVATARAM which has performers in the age group of 7 to 47 years.

At present Tapasya Academy is working on a dance therapy for the slow learning children and pregnant women. This was reported in various national dailies.

As a concluding remark, the founding directors have this to say –

One of the biggest things in life is that one should be able to dance to the rhythm that life offers. The achievement of it all is that when you see the footprints on the stage of life and reminisce each step with what life has given you and how we have respected life by giving it back to the society. This is the moment of pride, of triumph, of glory and the halo of success.